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Take a Step Closer Towards Getting Better 

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At Social Resources Connection, Inc. (SRC), we care about your well-being and your relationship with your family. We offer a variety of programs that will help you deal with different challenges that come your way. All of our services are available to people in Moreno Valley, California and its nearby areas. Services are also provided in Spanish.


Please note that if the service you need is not on our list, you may still reach out to us so we can refer you to other institutes and organizations.

Anger Management Courses

Managing your anger can improve your relationships, reduce your work-related stress, and help you in decision making. Conversely, being able to diffuse anger in others is a vital leadership skill. Regardless of which aspect of anger management therapy interests you, SRC is here to help you practice it.



Learning what your symptoms are and how you can manage them is a vital step towards taking charge of your own thoughts and emotions. Through our therapy sessions, we can address your symptoms and help you work on them.

Using different techniques, your counselor will help distinguish your limiting beliefs and personal coping mechanisms that possibly get in your way. We’ll then provide you with tools and insights that can guide you as you move beyond your old ways and behaviors. 


Our therapists specialize in helping people who are battling:

  • ADHD

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Substance Abuse Disorder

  • LGBTQIA+ Services and Support

All your sessions with your counselor are strictly confidential. Our clients have reported swift progress due to our effective approaches. With SRC, you’ll see that recovery and healing are possible.

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Parenting Classes

Our mission is not to Judge or define what is a good parent versus a bad parent. We are here to provide growth and interventions to help parents deal with difficult situations with their children. We are committed to helping parents flourish in positive relationships.


In these classes, we will teach parents general parenting skills to help them maintain and develop positive relationships with their children.

Since most of the parents in our classes are either going through a divorce or engaging in a custody battle, we do not require them to maintain a relationship with each other. We only encourage them to focus on nurturing their relationship with their children and practicing co-parenting skills.


Our classes differ by location but have the same goal — to help parents who are struggling with parenting.

Benefits of Attending Parenting Classes

Parents who avail themselves of parenting classes learn the following:

 • Basic child development

• Effectiveness of age-appropriate discipline compared to    anger-driven punishment

• Personal strengths and ways of putting these to good          use

• Working together in raising their children, even with their     separation

• Handling major problems that may come up

• Dealing with a blended family

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These are required to help solve issues surrounding child-custody proceedings. Before a divorce is granted or a custody order is made, some jurisdictions require parents to attend classes that educate them about the lasting effects of divorce and its conflicts. Both of them are required to present a certificate of completion that proves their participation in the program.


Parents who have been either charged with neglect/abuse or deemed lacking parenting skills may also receive a court order to attend these classes. They will be taught safe and effective ways of dealing with discipline, basic day-to-day parenting skills, and anger management. By learning these, abuse can be prevented.

Court-Ordered Parenting Classes

Monitored Visitation

A monitored visitation occurs when a parent is only allowed to visit his or her child under the supervision of another individual, such as a family member or a social worker. The visit may take place at the parent's home or in a designated visitation facility such as a child care center.

Apart from having broad experience, our SRC providers possess the following qualifications to effectively supervise visitations:

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• Knowledge of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and child development

• Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Laws training completion as stated in Penal Code Section 11166

• Knowledge on Child Abuse Reporting as a “Child Visitation Monitor” per Penal Code Section 11165.15

*Certificate of Completion for the Monitored Training Program, which teaches the California Rules of Court Standards and Provisions 5.20 and Child Abuse Reporting Laws

LGBTQIA+ Services


SRC’s Parallel Program is at the core of SRC’s commitment to keeping families connected and protected. Facilitating to eliminate barriers to help decrease conflict through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Collateral Sessions. SRC’s Parallel Program provides an educational, nonjudgmental, brave space where LGBTQIA+ Community Members and their families can find parallels to sustain and maintain healthy relationships.

Our service and consultation fees will be calculated on a sliding scale and case-by-case basis. We accept CalVCB as well as different types of insurance. Please contact us for more details.


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